Six Hodges Loizzi Attorneys to Speak at Annual IAASE Conference

Six Hodges Loizzi attorneys will present on various school law topics at The Illinois Alliance of Administrators of Special Education’s (IAASE) upcoming 22nd Annual Fall Conference on October 21.

Partners Michelle Todd and Jessica Nguyen will discuss considerations for school administrators regarding virtual learning in their presentation “Navigating Remote Instruction: Legal Requirements and Practical Tips,” including:

  • The options for continued remote instruction during the 2021-2022 school year pursuant to the School Code
  • Practical tips concerning how to implement remote and blended educational programs for special education students

Partner Jen Deutch will join associate Aimée LeBlanc in presenting “Understanding Special Education Legal Decisions in the Era of COVID-19.” Topics reviewed will include:

  • An analysis of COVID-era hearing officer and court decisions across the United States with a focus on the impact of remote learning on FAPE and LRE claims
  • Legal precedent and trends impacting the anticipated increase in FAPE claims against districts as students return to in-person learning
  • Practical tips and examples on how to manage the claims both proactively and once filed

Associates Ben Shaw and Kaitlin Atlas will dive into unilateral placements in their session titled, “Unilateral Placements and Best Practice Tips.” Ben and Kaitlin’s discussion will include:

  • An overview of the legal framework surrounding district reimbursement for unilateral placements
  • Best practices for responding to unilateral placement reimbursement requests and a review of applicable case law

Registration for the event can be found here.