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We manage our business growth to achieve excellence in providing legal services while maintaining a reasonable rate structure for clients. Our firm size allows us a broad range of flexibility in establishing legal fees. Various billing arrangements include:

Hourly Billing

Generally, legal work is done at an hourly rate commensurate with the experience of the attorney performing the services. Upon request, we will provide you with an advance estimate or budget of the cost of the project. You have the right to request the attorney of your choice to be assigned to any legal matter.


Additionally, you may establish an ongoing retainer relationship under which you will receive an agreed amount of services for a set retainer fee. For example, a basic retainer allows designated employees to make unlimited telephone inquiries within our areas of expertise without incurring additional fees. The purpose of the retainer is the prevention of legal problems and avoidance of litigation through regular contact with the firm.

Project Billing

Similarly, you may request billing on a project basis for appropriate matters. Upon request, we will provide a quote with a summary of services, the dates when work will be performed and time to be devoted to the project.

Itemized Billing

We provide a monthly itemized statement that reflects all services performed. The statement lists all matters separately, giving the name of the attorney performing the work, a full description of the work performed, the date the work was performed and the time spent to the tenth of an hour. Rather than charging you for every page copied, secretarial overtime worked, messenger or mailing expense incurred, etc., we bill a small set fee based on the total cost of services provided. Travel expenses, food and lodging, and court costs are billed as separate expenses.

Questions & Answers

We will answer your billing inquiries immediately. Whenever necessary or if you request, the responsible partner will discuss your bills with you and answer your questions personally.