On May 1, 1990, Terry Hodges, Mike Loizzi, Stan Eisenhammer, Bennett Rodick, and Bob Kohn founded the law firm of Hodges, Loizzi, Eisenhammer, Rodick & Kohn LLP on the simple principle that Illinois schools deserve the best legal services at a reasonable cost. To carry out this guiding principle, the five founding partners combined the best practices of small boutique law firms with resources generally available only to larger firms. With more than 15 years of experience to build on, they created a full-service law firm that is responsive to the needs of its clients.

Our attorneys have the depth and breadth of knowledge to successfully and cost-effectively handle any issue our clients face. The firm currently represents public school districts, special education cooperatives, nonpublic schools, charter schools, and other educational entities, as well as private corporations and associations throughout Illinois.