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A School Board Member’s Handbook 
A concise guide for board members and administrators alike, filled with short, easily understandable summaries of virtually all the major laws affecting Illinois public schools. Order a set for your board today.

The Extra Mile Newsletter
A monthly electronic newsletter of the latest Illinois school law news. Subscribe now.

2024 Student Handbook Checklist
Our Student Handbook Checklist is updated for 2024. It outlines topics that are legally required (and recommended) to be in your student handbook and/or provided to parents/guardians. This publication is an invaluable guide for those working on handbook updates. Order your copy here.

Model RTO Forms

Model RTO forms for supporting school districts and schools as they comply with the new requirements of Public Act 102-0339 and the ISBE permanent rules on the use of isolated time out, time out, and physical restraint interventions. Order your model forms here.

HLERK Title IX Resource Materials
To assist school districts with implementing the amended Title IX sexual harassment regulations (effective August 14, 2020), we developed 16 resource materials. The Title IX resource materials are designed to support a school district’s response, investigation, and determination regarding sexual harassment allegations consistent with the requirements set forth in the amended Title IX regulations. Our resources are aligned with and reference the applicable IASB PRESS policies and administrative procedures. Additionally, they can be tailored for your school district. More information is available HERE. You can purchase the HLERK Title IX Resource Materials by clicking HERE for the order form.

SB100 Model Documents
PRESS Policy Revisions, Student Discipline Checklist, and Model Discipline Letters can be ordered here.

Model Residency Documents
HLERK has prepared model residency documents, including model residency administrative procedures, residency verification forms, affidavits, and notification and decision letters. You can purchase the model residency documents by clicking here for the order form. In addition, our article on the changes to the law can be found here.