Illinois Human Rights Commission Finds District Restroom Policy Discriminatory

In July 2019, the Illinois Human Rights Commission, the public body that implements the Illinois Human Rights Act, found a local school district’s locker room policy violated the Illinois Human Rights Act. Lake Park Community High School District No. 108 implemented a policy allowing transgender students to use school locker rooms consistent with their gender identity, but mandated transgender students change behind a privacy curtain. A transgender student challenged this policy before the Department of Human Rights. The Department of Human Rights initially dismissed the charge, so the student appealed to the Illinois Human Rights Commission. The Illinois Human Rights Commission found the policy violated the Illinois Human Rights Act by limiting the student’s full and equal use of the locker rooms. Since the charge was filed, the District has changed its policy and allows transgender students to use locker rooms consistent with their gender identity with no limitations.

Please contact Michelle Todd and Kaitlin Atlas with your questions on accommodating transgender students.

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