On August 19, 2019, Governor Pritzker signed an amendment to the Care of Students with Diabetes Act, allowing schools to maintain a supply of glucagon prescribed in the name of the school.

Public Act 101-0428 or the Care of Students with Diabetes Act provides the legal requirements for schools supporting students with diabetes, including training for staff, use of diabetic care aids, and administration of glucagon. Glucagon is an emergency medication that can be administered to an individual to aid in recovery during instances of severe low blood sugar. It is administered via syringe.

Prior to Public Act 101-0428, public schools maintained supplies of glucagon on only behalf of students with prescriptions. Under this change, schools may choose to maintain an undesignated supply, prescribed to the school. Undesignated glucagon must be maintained in a secure location that is accessible to the school nurse or delegated care aide. The undesignated glucagon may be administered if called for in the student’s diabetes care plan and when the student’s prescribed glucagon is not available on site or has expired.