The Illinois State Board of Education (“ISBE”) recently launched a new independent evaluators registry. ISBE is statutorily required to provide a list of names of eligible persons who can provide independent evaluations across various disciplines. Each evaluator directly applies to ISBE, and any licensures and/or certifications are verified prior to being listed in the registry. However, any languages listed other than English have not been verified by ISBE. The ISBE registry does not rank or qualify any evaluators as an indication of quality. Rather, ISBE provides verified information about each evaluator whose has met the appropriate state requirements for licensure/certification.

The new ISBE registry allows users to search for evaluators by category, region, and language. It also provides information about each evaluator including location, experience, credentials, and areas of expertise. ISBE is not responsible for payment of independent evaluators or for the determination of any evaluation costs. The proper procedures for determining amount and procedures for payment of independent evaluators is provided in 23 Ill. Admin. Code 226.180. The registry provides a tool for users attempting to find independent evaluators throughout Illinois.