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As a result of the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (“GATA”), 30 ILCS 708/1 et seq., state agencies, including ISBE, are implementing a new process requiring school districts to pre-qualify for grant awards beginning with the FY 2017 grant cycle.  GATA, which was enacted on July 16, 2014, and is administered by the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget, was intended to “increase the accountability and transparency in the use of grant funds, from whatever source, and to reduce administrative burdens on both State agencies and grantees.”  30 ILCS 708/5(b).

As a result of GATA, all ISBE grant applicants must now pre-qualify by completing the requirements of ISBE’s prequalification registration portal.  The prequalification process has four requirements:

  1. Grantee Registration
  2. Grantee Pre-qualification
  3. Fiscal and Administrative Risk Assessment
  4. Programmatic Risk Assessment

For ISBE’s explanation of the GATA requirements and prequalification process, click here.  For districts using IASB’s PRESS Policy Service, please note that IASB has prepared a list of the PRESS policy materials responsive to questions in the Fiscal and Administrative Risk Assessment.  To access this list on the IASB website, click here.

Please contact Heather Brickman or Kerry Burnet with your inquiries regarding the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act and the prequalification process.